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CBD High Potency Roll On


Our CBD Roll On offers joint and muscle relief, effectively absorbing through the skin for immediate impact. Infused with 4000MG Full Spectrum Hemp extract, it’s convenient to use and provides a soothing freezing effect with added peppermint and menthol. This family-crafted, non-greasy roller is lab tested for safety, and is recognized as the highest potency CBD Cooling Roll-On on the market.

Our CBD Roll-On has the best price anywhere. Compare our CBD content per roll-on and per ML prices and you won’t be disappointed.

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How To Use Roll On for Relief
Gently shake the cooling CBD roll on to mix the natural ingredients together and help disperse the product.🍃
Glide the applicator over areas with discomfort for targeted relief. This product works especially well for the neck, arms, legs, and back.😌
Reapply the roll on as necessary throughout the day for for relief from muscle tension.💚

🌿 Cooling Skincare by Plants • CBD: 4000MG

💚 Local Relief • Inflammation • Recovery

⏳ Onset 15 min • Duration approx 3 hrs