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Since 1988,

we have been a privately owned, customer focused business!

What we offer is not just business, but a personal experience.  As the current owner of Surprise Parties I have been here since 1998.  I work very hard to maintain the integrity of our past while keeping a constant vision of our future.  As the oldest home-based party company of this nature, we still do things a bit different.  We are not an MLM and are very proud of the fact that we are not just a company selling kits.   This is so much more than a business to me.  I have been blessed to share this opportunity and will continue to do so being my most genuine self.  I love knowing that I can help people with their overall health, wellness and relationships from head to toe and inside out.

Designed for the timid and the bold, the Surprise Parties Collection is a tribute to closeness and wellness.

Thank you for your continued support, and interest in Surprise Parties.

Angela Erlandson / Surprise Parties CEO

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