• For the funnest night out, or in!

    An in-home presentation is designed for your comfort and education. No children under 18 are allowed at our presentations. Get ready for a couple hours of fun and laughter! If you are interested in couples education and information, ask your consultant for details.

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    Become a Surprise Consultant to bring romance and happiness back to the bedrooms or your friends, neighbors and loved ones!

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  • Surprise Parties come in all shapes and sizes!

    Don’t know who to talk to? Where to look? Don’t want embarrassing browser history on your computer your family or friends might see? Call Surprise Parties and have a consultant host an event that is right for you!

  • Surprise your S.O. or Spouse!

    Schedule a Party with your consultant and surprise your significant other or spouse to a fun evening of education and a little bit of sizzle!

  • Surprise Parties are for everyone!

    Think Adult Toy Parties are just for the girls? Think again. Surprise Parties cater to every walk of life. Let our consultants treat you to a night to remember!

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We have special offers for Bachelor & bachelorette Parties!

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Surprise Parties are not only fun, but educational!

  • Everyone wants to have FUN, right?
  • The Bride gets FREE stuff. Hostess Credit goes to the Bride!
  • Surprise Parties are tasteful, chic, educational and entertaining!
  • All guests will benefit with purchases from Surprise Parties!
  • Everyone needs a little spice in their love life, even you!
  • Surprise Parties are FREE

How to Host:

Virtually anyone can host a bachelorette party. Often the maid of honor and bridesmaids, who are close to the bride, do the honors. However, any friend, or even coworkers who feel the urge, can plan this party!

Decide on a Date:

Steer clear of the night before the wedding. The rehearsal dinner is usually scheduled for that night, anyway. If the Bride is interested in Boudoir photos, and our lingerie, plan about 6-8 weeks out. If the wedding is in a town other than the bride’s hometown, you might want to have the party before she leaves. If the wedding is local, party the weekend before, or no closer than 2 or 3 nights before the big day.

Plan Ahead

Most bachelorette hosts ask for a donation from each guest to make selections of fun love stuff to be presented to the bride after the party. When each guest contributes $20 (in lieu of a gift) toward her Surprise Party purchases the bride can be assured of a Wedding Night to Remember! After all that’s what the wedding night is all about anyway