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We're Here to Guide You to your GOALS

At Surprise Parties we pride ourselves in helping our Affiliates to be the best in the industry.

We know that talking about intimacy is a sensitive subject. Crossing that intimacy bridge can be satisfying and fun, or it can be tasteless and embarrassing. 

Our products are easy to sell once you learn their MANY uses. Buying “sensitive” items in a store or even online is not always a positive experience.
You will essentially be teaching people how to communicate their needs, start small and improve overall sexual health.
It’s like helping others find the “Fountain of Youth”

Your Director will mentor you throughout the training process. You could be the next Rockstar! You are now the CEO of your desk!!

You will get additional support, training materials and mentoring from our Leadership Team, and your colleagues.

Surprise Parties can help you launch a satisfying side hustle or a new career.  You now control your outcome and daily success.  

Are you ready to take control and live the life you DESERVE? We look forward to assisting you make the career change of a lifetime.

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