legal CBD Daily Ultra Care Hand Wash


Purify and protect your hands with our unique CBD Daily Ultra Care Hand Wash. A blend of CBD and natural botanical oils to calm and nourish dry skin. Formulated with pumice to gently exfoliate, leaving skin soft and smooth to the touch. Featuring a refreshing Coconut Verbena scent.

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  • Lemon, orange and tea tree oils help purify skin surface
  • Pumice gently exfoliates hands, so they feel soft and smooth
  • Coconut and hemp seed oils help prevent over-drying

SIZE: 8 oz
SCENT: Coconut Verbena

Our unique CBD Daily Ultra Care Hand Wash purifies and protects hands with naturally antiseptic ingredients like lemon and tea trees. These natural ingredients work to keep off external impurities with every wash. 100% organic CBD and coconut oil keep hands moisturized and hydrated with a variety of nutrients to prevent over-drying from frequent washing. As an added touch, pumice gently exfoliates hands, leaving them soft and smooth after every wash.

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