Hemp derived Toy Cleaner


Clean your toys before and after your play sessions with our gentle Toy Cleaner. Using an advanced cleanser and essential oils, this is an effective way to properly take care of your toys, and in turn, yourself.

Gently cleanses without irritation
Made with naturally cleansing ingredients
Safe for frequent use

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Benefits of Essential Oils in Cleaning
The natural yet powerful approach of essential oils based cleaning products have been gaining popularity in the recent years. Two major ingredients in Earthly Body’s Toy Cleaner are among the most popular essential oils used as powerful cleaning agents. For example, tea tree oil, extracted from Melaleuca Alternifolia, a small Australia native tree, has been widely used in hand sanitizers, Insect Repellent, & natural deodorants. It is powerful yet safe to use essential oils based cleaning product such as our toy cleaner to keep you and your favorite toys clean and well cared for.

SIZE: 4 fl oz

Contains: Hemp seed Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Lavender Oil and Sulfate Free Surfactant

Weight .3 lbs