It’s Time to Party

Gather the girls, kick out the men, provide some snacks and get ready for a night of pure fun!

As the hostess of a Surprise Party, all you will need to do, is invite your girlfriends and have a good time! The Surprise Lady does the rest. Offer something to drink, some snacks, sit back and have fun with the girls. After the party, you receive free Surprise Parties products based on your party’s sales. Choose from sexy lingerie, fun toys, sensual lotions and more. You get to reward yourself just by throwing a party in your home!

Surprise Parties is a home based business managed by women for women. Surprise Parties representatives work full or part time hours, using their home based businesses to spend more time with their families, while still able to afford the finer things in life. We’re not only building women’s sexuality and sensuality, but also their self esteem. Surprise Parties believes as a woman of today you can truly have it all.

“Surprise Parties in home adult parties offers what couples really need, intimacy, passion and the rekindling of their romantic relationship. Our goal is to assist women in exploring their sexuality and discovering the endless enjoyment of sexual fulfillment.” – Sue Rhea, Founder